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The original Cortado Glass

Made in the USA


The perfect sized glass for your daily espresso ritual.


This is the same glass used in the top US coffee shops.

At 4.5 oz, the glass is the perfect size for the classic Cortado.

Made out of Libbey's exclusive DuraTuff glass, these glasses are thermally optimized for your espresso, and virtually bombproof.


Capacity: 4.5 oz / 133 ml
Height: 3 1/8"
Top Diameter: 3"
Bottom Diameter: 2 1/8"
Maximum Diameter: 3"

The Story Behind the Gibraltar / Cortado...

It all started in San Francisco, CA at Blue Bottle Coffee. Steve Ford (now a roaster at Ritual Coffee Roasters) started serving Cortado-like beverages in the Libbey Gibraltar glass.  Known to the locals as simply a "Gibraltar", it was an off-menu item with a cult following. Today most Cortados are served in a gibraltar glass at coffee shops across the country. 

A Cortado is Not a Minivan.
— Oliver Strand, NY Times Style Magazine
The milk cools the espresso just enough to be able to slam back the drink and carry on.
— Emma Christensen, The Kitchn
It quickly became a cult order for coffee bar insiders.
— Chantal Martineau, Food Republic
The perfect afternoon drink.
— Analisa Derr, Gear Patrol



"Taller than a macchiato, shorter than a cappuccino, milk textured as a latte, temperature keyed for quaffability, the Gibraltar heralded a cultural moment in the world of coffee that we are still puzzling over. "

- Blue Bottle Coffee




Bring Espresso Perfection Home